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Obtaining social security disability benefits can be vital for many individuals. However, these benefits are also notoriously difficult to obtain. It can be beneficial to work with a social security disability lawyer, as they can help with your application and represent your best interests. My name is Raymond L. Jackson, Jr., and I’m prepared to help clients near Auburn, AL, with their unique situation. Trust me to provide you with reliable guidance and advice throughout your case.

Get Help with Your Social Security Disability Application

Social security disability is designed to help individuals that cannot work due to their disability. It provides you with supplemental income, helping you to support yourself. In order to obtain these benefits, you have to prove that you are completely unable to work for at least a year—or that your condition is a terminal one. After submitting your application, a professional will review it, a process that can take several months to complete.

My goal as your lawyer is to help you obtain social security disability benefits, whether you have concerns related to mental illness or your physical health. Under Social Security disability rules, I won’t collect any attorney fees until you obtain your benefits and will work diligently to assist you.

I am able to:
  • Attend any Social Security hearings and appeals.
  • Help you obtain medical records and opinions from various professionals—such as doctors and psychologists—to support you.
  • Help with appealing for both Social Security disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security income (SSI) benefits.

As a disability lawyer for mental illness, I am prepared to provide you with reliable assistance from beginning to end. If you’re near Auburn, AL, then consider calling today to request a free 30-minute consultation. Speak to an attorney for social security disability today.

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