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Legal matters can be complex and frightening. Trying to figure out business law, social security disability, and related issues isn’t easy, so consider partnering with a qualified lawyer. My name is Raymond L. Jackson, Jr., and I’m an attorney that can serve clients near Auburn, AL, and the surrounding areas. I am an experienced, compassionate, hands-on attorney that loves being able to help others. This passion drives me to provide clients with better representation and reliable support. When you have legal concerns, I’m ready to help.

Handling a Range of Legal Needs

There are many different things you might need an attorney to assist with. I am here to assist with these matters, offering reliable solutions and advice. I’m backed by over 24 years of experience and have a commitment to my clients. My goal is to make sure you get the reliable support you need to navigate your case.

You can trust me to assist with the following:
  • Business Law: There may be any number of legal concerns you have as a business owner. Creating rock-solid contracts, defending yourself from angry customers, and managing business succession needs are just some of the issues you may face. Partnering with a qualified lawyer can help you address these concerns.
  • Family Law: Do you have a family law case that you need assistance with? Perhaps you need someone who can help you with child custody or support. Or, maybe you need someone who can help you navigate your divorce. Maybe you want to adopt a child and would like some extra guidance. Partner with a family law attorney who can provide you with reliable guidance.
  • Criminal Law: The criminal justice system can be terrifying to face. Misdemeanors, while considered minor crimes, can still come with extensive fines and jail time. If you’ve been accused of a crime, then it can be beneficial to partner with a criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.

Assisting with Additional Legal Services

In addition to handling family, criminal, and business law, I can also help with a range of additional legal needs. For example, I can assist with Social Security disability applications. Obtaining Social Security benefits is important for many individuals, but actually applying and being approved for those benefits can be difficult. My goal is to provide you with guidance and support.

I am also an attorney that can help with wills, trusts, and other estate planning matters. Planning for the future is vital if you want to avoid unnecessary stress for your loved ones. I can help you create a will, give someone power of attorney, and more. If you’re near Auburn, AL, then consider calling me today for a free 30-minute consultation.

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I am an attorney with over two decades of experience. I take a hands-on approach to legal service, offering knowledgeable support and advice.

No matter your legal situation, I aim to assist with your needs. Trust me to provide you with guidance throughout your case.

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