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Facing criminal charges can be terrifying, no matter how severe. Even misdemeanors—less serious crimes—can cause a significant amount of stress. If you’re facing a misdemeanor charge, then consider contacting a qualified criminal defense attorney near Auburn, AL. My name is Raymond L. Jackson, Jr., and I’m prepared to provide my clients with aggressive representation.

Helping with a Range of Misdemeanors

I understand how difficult these sorts of situations can be, and so will provide stalwart support from beginning to end. When you choose me as your criminal defense attorney, I’ll take the time to carefully examine your situation and then give you options on how to proceed.

I can provide a solid legal defense for the following misdemeanors:
  • DUIs: A DUI charge can be given whenever an individual is found to have been driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Being convicted can result in the loss of your license, fines, and potentially even jail time, so it’s important to contact a DUI lawyer you can trust.
  • Public Intoxication: Public intoxication laws are designed to prevent people from being harassed by drunken individuals. To be charged, the individual in question must have a) been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, b) caused a disturbance or harmed another individual, and c) been in a public place. If you’re facing these charges, then partner with a qualified criminal defense lawyer.
  • Domestic Battery: As the name implies, domestic battery involves physically harming another individual in your household. Even just an accusation can be potentially devastating, so partner with a domestic abuse lawyer who can defend your rights.
  • Marijuana Possession: Possessing marijuana is illegal in Alabama and can result in large fines and jail time. Protect yourself from these serious penalties by contacting a qualified attorney.
  • Disorderly Conduct: Disorderly conduct is, essentially, any sort of action that would disturb the peace. This may include things such as fighting or making excessive noise. Partner with a qualified attorney to protect your right.
  • Traffic Ticket Cases: Traffic tickets are common, and many individuals may choose not to dispute them and simply pay the fine. However, this can sometimes lead to more serious issues down the line—for example, a suspended or lost license. Partner with a traffic attorney to dispute a ticket.

If you need a lawyer for your misdemeanor case, then consider calling my office for a free 30-minute consultation. I’m prepared to assist clients near Auburn, AL, and the surrounding areas.

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